JPKs dominate Hobart Divisions 3, 4 and 5

The 2023 Hobart fleet encountered uncertain and wild weather conditions across the entire journey. Maybe not so much for the big boats but when you get down to the 50 footers and smaller, they did it hard.

The three JPK’s in the race Atomic Blonde a JPK 11.80 in division 3 , Rockall 8 a JPK 10.80 in Division 4 and Min River a JPK 10.30 in Division 5 were not suited to the weather pattern but achieved amazing results with each placing 2nd in their Division. These results showed the JPKs sail competitively to their rating in upwind and downwind conditions.

A light wind start followed by a bruising storm and light show with strikes causing retirement for some of the fleet early in the race. The current against swell and beating into a swinging South breeze in Bass Strait tested boats and crews to the max.

Jean Pierre Kelbert the JPK brand founder is elated with the results and has sent congratulations to all the JPKs on their achievements. Jean Pierre said “It’s not just reaching and running, we perform well in all conditions”

JPK Pacific is especially proud of its Made in Australia entrant Atomic Blonde highlighting the boat building skills of Innovation Composites in putting a strong and fast boat in the water. There was little time for trialing as this was the initial race after qualifying with Atomic Blonde only launched in November. The excellent North Sails wardrobe was well thought out, fast and durable optimising performance in the difficult conditions.

Paul Glynn

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