Join Dave Dellenbaugh's free webinar about Laylines

David Dellenbaugh is one of the world's leading experts on sailing tactics and strategies. His Speed & Smarts column in Australian Sailing was always one of the most popular features of the magazine. Dave sent the below email to subscribers, offering a free webinar about the vexing subject of laylines.

You need to be a Speed & Smarts subscriber to take part – but if you're racing sailboats of any description, you need to be a subscriber to Speed & Smarts. Click on the link at the bottom to subscribe. You won't be able to take part in the first webinar, as that's for existing subscribers only. But you will be able to view the replay on Dave's website, and you will be eligible to take part in future webinars.

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From David Dellenbugh:

Please join me on Wednesday, May 13, for an hour-long 'deep dive' into one of my all-time favorite editions of Speed & Smarts: Issue 118 – LAYLINES. I will be going through this issue page by page, explaining the concepts and diagrams in greater detail, and adding some tips I couldn't fit into the issue. It will be an hour filled with strategic and tactical advice about how to negotiate, or avoid, laylines – both upwind and downwind.

This webinar is free for all current subscribers of Speed & Smarts. Register for the webinar by May 12 and I'll send you a free digital copy of Issue 118 so you can follow along during the session. To save your spot, click on the button below. 

Hope to see you then,
Dave Dellenbaugh

DATE:   Wednesday, May 13                            
TIME:    8:00 pm EDT  (GMT -4)
COST:   Free for current subscribers of Speed & Smarts.
     Webinar limited to 100 spots, so please register early.
     The replay will be available for all subscribers.

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