Jabsco Introduces the New 233SL Remote Control Dual Beam Searchlight

ITT Jabsco are proud to introduce the new 233SL Remote Control Dual Beam Searchlight with 200,000 candlepower.

The new Jabsco 233SL has been designed to offer the best combination of beam spread (width) and intensity (length). Several innovative design solutions have been engineered into the 233SL, allowing features such as spot to flood focus and 10 degree auto-sweep. The rotation range is a continuous 360 degree with no hard stop and the vertical range is 27 degrees in total – nine from centre line to full up and eighteen from centre line to full down. Simply pushing a button will continuously sweep the light 10 degrees each side of the initial target spot.

The Jabsco 233SL is mounted by a quick release bayonet base with a security locking system, which is perfect for OEM installations and removal for storage and travel. The wireless remote makes installation extremely easy – up to four wireless controllers can be mounted throughout the boat, eliminating costly cable installations.

For more information on the 233SL Searchlight please visit
For regional information and local pricing please contact:
Keith Bowen, Regional Sales Manager, Victoria, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9078 2052 email: keith.bowen@itt.com

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