Introducing the Stella Watermaker “Gen 3”


The team at Stella Watermakers have been working to bring you the new “Gen 3” watermaker. Building on the success of the original Stella Watermaker and the subsequent Gen 2, the Gen 3 brings a new level of sophistication and reliability to an already brilliant product.

“The scope given to the engineering department was to improve the manufacturing to develop a more compact panel with increased robustness for the harsh marine environment,” said David Tanner, General Manager. “And wow, did they deliver!!”

The improvement in the panels are very apparent at first glance, the unit is smaller, cleaner and very robust. 

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The team at Stella believes the new EWM high pressure pump is second to none on the market. It is still manufactured by world renowned pump manufacturer “General Pumps” and the EWM series features full Stainless Steel wet end as well as full Stainless Steel gear housing, so all exposed parts are manufactured from 316 S/S.

The corrosion resistance of this pump has been taken to a new level and the increased efficiency has allowed the manufacturer to revise downward the amp draw on these units.

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