International 5.5 Metre Class releases 70th Anniversary Yearbook

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the International 5.5 Metre Class and the 100th Scandinavian Gold Cup later this year, the International 5.5 Metre Association has published a commemorative yearbook.

Edited and compiled by Robert Deaves, it is packed full of stories about the people, the boats and the races that have defined this once Olympic class, as well as a recap of the 2018 season.

With contributions from many of the sailors who have been and are still involved in the class the Yearbook is an attractive, 144 page, A4, photo heavy book that will immediately appeal to all those who have or still sail a 5.5 Metre.

Stories include:
• Foreword from Robin Aisher
• History of the 5.5 Metre
• Birth of the Scandinavian Gold Cup
• Story of the 2018 Worlds and Gold Cup in Cowes
• 5.5 Metres in The Bahamas
• Profiles of Carabella, Volpina and Barranjoey
• Class revivals in Australia and North America
• Complete results list from 1952 to 2018

All current members of National 5.5 Metre associations will be receiving a free copy through their class association.

A limited number of additional copies are available for sale at a cost of £25 plus shipping. Discounts are available for purchase of five or more copies.

Please contact the 5.5 Class for further pricing, or use link for more details and ordering.


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