Independent review into the loss of LCE Showtime and rescue of its crew

Australian Sailing has determined to conduct a review into the LCE Showtime incident and provide a report on the facts and lessons of the incident.

After completing the CYCA’s 2019 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, race entrant LCE Showtime was being delivered back to Sydney when on 5 January 2020 at 0230 hours the keel failed, and the crew activated its emergency beacon. The NSW police service responded to the incident and all crew were rescued.

Australian Sailing has determined that it will conduct a review to provide a report on the factual happenings in respect of the incident. The National Safety Committee has appointed Tim Cox (chair), Chris Zonca and Frank Walker to conduct the review.

Of particular interest to the review are the processes relating to the original design and modifications to the keel, groundings or impacts, administrative procedures and documentation, actions undertaken by the crew at the time of the incident, and the application of the Australian Sailing Sea Safety Survival Course content to the experiences of the crew of LCE Showtime.

Any interested party may make written submissions to the review by emailing Parties wishing to be interviewed by the panel should also contact Australian Sailing at the same email.

A copy of the Terms of Reference for the Review can be read here.

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