Hydrofoiling Longreach 40

The new Longreach 40 is packed full of innovation, from Hydrofoils, to the Diesel Outboard motors to Sharrow propellers, all working together to reduce fuel burn and efficiency to Reach Further and Stay Longer.

This family sized cruiser is ideal to get out to the islands and bays quickly when conditions are idyllic, allowing faster speeds as the hydrofoils help lift the boat slightly and provide a smooth ride.

Production is now underway with the first two boats already sold and under construction. Watch the video for the full overview or click below for an information pack including specifications and prices.

The video is available to view and share with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn7tyhLcVDQ

To receive further information about Longreach Catamarans visit https://longreachcatamarans.com or contact the team on 02 9810 5014 or info@longreachcatamarans.com

For more media information contact Multihull Central:

Media Contact: Brent Vaughan | M: 0418 670 751 | E: brent@multihullcentral.com

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