HH52 Catamaran with Hybrid Electric

Introducing the all new HH52, an evolution of the Award Winning HH50, which has been completely redesigned with electrification in mind. Featuring an all new cabin top with 4,900 watts of solar, a new deck plan, a new interior layout, and increased sail area, this yacht brings the very latest design features and performance improvements to our mid-size luxury cruising catamaran. Check out the video below explaining the new exterior enhancements…

HH52 Dual Aft Helm (OC or SC)

The HH52 dual aft helm configuration can be ordered as an e-glass “Ocean Cruising” or 100% carbon-fibre “Sports Cruising” version and will feel more familiar to those used to monohull sailing. With helms at both aft quarters of the yacht, all sailing and steering is managed with clear visibility of the sails or can be swung inboard for protection from the elements. Meanwhile, a larger interior saloon provides a level of comfort and refinement not found in any other performance cruising catamarans this size.

HH52 Forward Helm (OC or SC)

The HH52 forward cockpit can be ordered as an e-glass “Ocean Cruising” or 100% carbon-fibre “Sports Cruising” version and provide a central, protected location to operate all sail controls from. This is a superb configuration for easy, single handed sailing. Optional aft tiller chairs with push button controls bring back the thrill of sailing typically reserved for a performance monohull. The interior layout is modified slightly to fit the forward cockpit but is equally luxurious and quite spacious given the unique design.

Eco Drive

The HH52 has been designed to work with our parallel diesel/electric hybrid, a large solar array on the cabin top and hydro-regeneration while sailing. Our EcoDrive provides all the benefits of an electric boat: silent fume free motoring, instant torque for maneuvering, and hydro-regeneration while sailing; while also providing the reliability of trusty diesel engines as a back up. For the technology shy, traditional standalone diesel engines with shaft drives are also offered.

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