Hella marine redefines underwater lighting with Apelo

Introducing Apelo underwater lighting from Hella marine, featuring Edge Light technology and Optical Intelligence for superior brilliance, and advanced materials that offer maximum durability.

The Apelo range comprises of three models offering 1,800 or 3,000 lumens of underwater illumination in either white/blue or RGB light, creating the perfect mood whether dockside or moored out at sea, whilst Edge Light technology – making its debut on the Apelo A2 – also provides courtesy illumination.

Expertly designed, precision manufactured and rigorously tested in Hella’s New Zealand facility, Apelo is built to the same exacting quality standards as its lighting for high-performance carmakers. Their unprecedented robustness, fit and finish is underscored by an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Black light cover, rainbow lights.
Hella marine Apelo A2 underwater light with an aluminium and charcoal front for a RGB model. Pic – Hella marine

Hella’s unique Optical Intelligence delivers a wide horizontal spread of light across the transom and a narrow vertical distribution for high lux levels instead of sending light too high or too low where it becomes invisible. With this unique technology, Apelo compares favourably with lamps offering higher lumen ratings whilst using less energy to achieve the same brightness levels.  

Completely sealed, Apelo lights are certified to IP68 and IP69, and engineered for both dry running and absolute waterproof reliability. Intelligent electronics sense their environment and regulate the power accordingly to control the internal operating temperature, enabling Apelo lights to operate at optimum efficiency whether submerged or out of the water.

Apelo A1 lights are ideal for vessels up to 12m and deliver an impressive 1800 lumens of intense blue/white light whilst consuming only 20W of power, or any colour light of your choosing from across the RGB spectrum while consuming only 15W.

Black light cover, blue and white lights.
Hella marine Apelo A1 underwater light with a polymer and charcoal front for a white and blue model. Pic – Hella marine

Apelo A1 features an innovative thermal polymer housing, an inert metal-free material completely resistant to corrosion and suitable for any hull material. Thermal polymer draws heat away from internal electronics to support the brightest polymer underwater lamps on the market.

For even more intensity, Apelo A2 delivers a blazing 3,000 lumens and debuts Hella marine’s innovative Edge Light technology with distinctive glowing illumination bordering the lens. Drawing only 3W, Edge Light floods the stern in pure white light as both utility and courtesy lighting. Apelo A2 blue/white also includes ‘fishing mode’, a strobe effect designed to attract your next prize catch. 

Apelo A2 ships in two housing choices depending on hull materials. Apelo A2 Aluminium is purpose designed for aluminium hulls and vessels that do not require anti-fouling (i.e., storage on boat lifts, trailers or berthed in fresh water). Apelo A2 Bronze is a robust marine grade bronze housing for permanently moored hulls of fibreglass, timber, steel and composite (not aluminium).

The unlimited colours of Apelo RGB lamps can be selected using aftermarket RGB controllers, including networked MFDs. Apelo lamps suppress potential interference from radios, navigation and other onboard electronic devices, and all lamps are prewired with 2.5m of marine cable for convenient connection to switches.

The Hella Apelo range is now on sale in Australia and available from Hella marine stockists. Visit www.hella.com.au or www.Hellamarine.com or call 1800 061 729 for more details.

By Hella marine

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