Have you seen this boat?

We have had a request for information to try and track down the
whereabouts of the 5.5mR 'The Deb' which was K1. This is an historically
important boat, designed and built by Nicholsons. The first ever 5.5mR.

We have had one report that she may be in Australia, perhaps Queensland, –
another 5.5mR, Bjarne went to Australia. So, I am contacting as many people
in Australia as I have details for and who may have noticed a possible 5.5mR
on a mooring or tucked away in a yard as they travel around the country. I
am casting around widely since we have no idea where it went and maybe you
could forward this message on to anyone else you feel may be able to help .

So far as we are aware, the last time it had a confirmed sighting was at
the 1969 Worlds at Poole although Paddy Briscoe reports that his father
sailed it after that from Weymouth to new owners on the Isle of Wight. Val
Provoost reports that in the early sixties she was owned by the Solent
School of Yachting operating out of the Hamble River and later saw her at
Castle Cove Sailing Club at Weymouth. Late sixties/early seventies there
were three 5.5s sailing at the club, K1 The Deb. K18 Medina and K32 Bjarne.
Medina was wrecked and sold to Belsize boatyard but was restorable. She then
believes The Deb went home to the Dorset farm where her owner lived for a
refit. Jeremy Lines (C&N Archivist) reports that she was at Tormentor Yacht
Station at Warsash in 1957 but last heard of was in 1968 when she was owned
by John S.Mead (he still has the drawings). She is in the 1967 Lloyds
Register, but not the 1970 one.

“Medina” was in fact repaired and eventually made its way to Northern
Ireland then sold again in rather poor condition with a lot of rot. Last
heard was that in spite of a lot of effort on the part of the new owner it
was beyond repair and is believed to have been scrapped.

Please let me know if you have any information and many thanks for your
help – much appreciated.

David J. Elliott, Project Co-ordinator

Jeanneau JY60
M.O.S.S Australia