Goiot escape hatches recall campaign for multihull builders

The leading multihull builders, LAGOON, FOUNTAINE PAJOT, CATANA-BALI, NAUTITECH have fitted their boats with escape hatches made by GOIOT SYSTEMS and located on the inner edges of the hulls.

GOIOT SYSTEMS has notified the boatbuilders of a recall campaign concerning the escape hatches delivered before September 2018 and the Goiot safety kits, due to a risk of the hatches detaching from their frames, which could affect safety during navigation.

On top of each boat builder’s internal communications already done (for the periods and models concerning them), LAGOON, FOUNTAINE PAJOT, CATANA-BALI and NAUTITECH brands are asking all the owners and users of their boats to contact each of them, without delay (by referring to their internet sites or contacting their dealer).

Owners will be able to find out immediately if their vessel is fitted with the escape hatches in question and subject of the recall. They will also be able to read each manufacturer’s recommendations on how to proceed.

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