Go west in the October Cruising Helmsman

Want the definitive list of al the best harbours along the lengthy Western Australian coastline? Plus the best spot to anchor and in which breezes? Then the October issue of Cruising Helmsman provides all those details in this month's feature destination.
From the Montebello Islands to Margaret River the Seahag takes you there with the added bonus of showing you the best surfing and fishing spots as well. Then we go around the bottom corner with an excellent description of the beauty of Albany. A month long destination in its own right.
On the practical side it is Food Month in October Cruising Helmsman. Along with our usual Cruising Chef we have articles on thermal cooking plus the best barbecue to use on board.
While cooking can be a pest, it is a lot better than dealing with a real pest. Thankfully one cruiser details how they coped with an unwelcome rat.
But that is not all. We publish the last of the rebirthing of one sailor's Hartley and we boat test the Jeanneau 469.
Cook up a storm with this month's Cruising Helmsman
JPK August 2023
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