GMEs GX400 transceiver includes waterproof speaker microphone

GMEs GX400 features both 27MHz marine band and 27MHz citizen band transceivers in one unit.

Built to withstand some of the harshest environments in the world, the GX400 is equally at home at sea or on land. Water ingress protected to IPX7, the GX400 can be positioned on the dashboard either by flush mount or the supplied gimbal bracket mount.  With a compact mounting depth of only 45mm, it is possible to mount this compact unit into tight locations where space is limited.

For enhanced clarity and ease of use, the GX400 is equipped with dual speakers.  One in the front panel and a second built into the waterproof speaker microphone. 

For simple installation in small spaces, the GX400 features a rear microphone input socket.  This enables the user to run a five metre or eight metre extension cable (available soon as an optional accessory) from the rear input to a more convenient location on the vessel where the flush mount socket can be installed.  The MC616 speaker mic can now be input from this location and a waterproof blanking plug added to the front mic input socket.  This is ideal for above-windscreen installations in hard-tops, eliminating obstruction caused by the mic cable hanging in the skipper’s field of view.

With programmable channel scanning, dual and tri-watch functions users will be sure to not miss important communications and the large red Channel 88 direct selection button enables instant access to emergency commincation in the case of distress.

Available in black or white, the GX400 is a versatile addition to any vessel.  The GX400 is available through authorised GME dealers at a recommended retail price of $179inc GST.

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