GKA – Season Grand Finale Commences in Qatar

Report from day one | Fuwairit, Qatar | Words: Caroline Morris | Photos: Svetlana Romantsova

  • On the opening day, we advanced to the women’s finals
  • Rivals Mikaili Sol and Bruna Kajiya stand poised for the final clash
  • Stay tuned to the liveticker for real-time updates while we eagerly await the optimal wind conditions
Season Grand Finale Commences in Qatar

The Visit Qatar GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup Finals kicked off with twenty registered athletes set to compete at the paradise Fuwairit Kite Beach, Qatar. 

As we’re poised for the final heats of the year, six riders are in the running for a chance at the world titles. On the women’s side, there are two clear title contenders where Mikaili Sol needs to place first to win the world championship, although if Bruna Kajiya places just third or higher, then she will steal the crown.

Season Grand Finale Commences in Qatar

“We started the year in Qatar and we had really good wind that felt really nice, so that makes me very excited for the final as I have such great memories. I’m feeling super happy as after my home spot in Brazil, Qatar is my favourite stop.” – Bruna Kajiya.

“This year has been challenging for me personally and professionally and I wasn’t able to compete in the Dunkirk event due to injury, so the competition is slightly out of my control. If I get to compete in the finals then I still have a chance for the world title. Let’s see what’s ahead and then start planning for the next year.” – Mikaili Sol.

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Season Grand Finale Commences in Qatar
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