Geographe Bay Race Week – Day 3

With layday approaching and the prospect of a sleep-in on Wednesday morning, it was a more relaxed atmosphere on the water for all of the fleets.

Racing on the Viper-F15 course provided an unexpected spectacle for the boats during their tram from the marina to the start line at the end of the Jetty. However, things soon got serious as the RO put the various fleets into sequence and let them loose on the morning’s passage race.

Observers on the famed Busselton Jetty were treated to a festival of colour as the fleets hoisted their kites on rounding the windward day buoy before scooting out to the leeward mark in the middle of the Bay.

Wednesdays was lay day after a huge day of sailing.

Back to it tomorrow, Thursday 8 February and the final race and presentations on Friday 9 February.

Photos from the afternoon windward-leeward racing to follow… adios!

Photography by


Race Yachts
M.O.S.S Australia