General meeting decides foils will be allowed in the IMOCA class

Skippers and owners in the IMOCA class got together for a general meeting in Nantes on Wednesday 15th October, after a serious matter was raised by one of its members. Should foils be banned or allowed on the new boats? These appendages would not allow the boats to fly as we have seen with the America’s Cup multihulls, but to raise them up and “lighten” the boats in certain points of sail.
After a discussion, where everyone was allowed to express openly their opinion, the IMOCA General Meeting finally followed the position adopted by the Board a month ago (15th September): the rules will not be modified again, which means that the new appendages remain allowed. This decision was voted for by a very large majority. Out of the 77 registered, 69 voted and the result was as follows:  53 for, 15 against, 1 abstention.

We will bring you more details shortly about this matter with an interview with the President of the IMOCA, Jean Kerhoas.

– Vende Globe News

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