Fry pan for boats

Veteran British sailor George Stead, who spends the northern hemisphere winters in New Zealand, has developed the BoatiesFryPan, which is rectangular-shaped to fit boat and other compact recreational stoves.

Measuring 250x200x45mm and weighing 950gm, the pan is made of 4mm aluminium which gives good heat transfer and even temperature. The inside is finished with two layers of non-stick coating and the outside is silicon painted.

The handle is designed to fit over most retaining fiddle rails and is compact. It has a Bakelite grip so that it can be put in an oven.

The sloping front end of the pan allows food to be slid out easily. Pouring out hot fat is safer as the corner can be used as a spout. The spread of the white of an egg can be controlled by slightly elevating the handle end. Cook two eggs and they can be divided into square eggs to fit a piece of toast.

More information: George Stead, email; or contact Australian distributor Bulau Industries, email

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