Four Seasons in one day at Sail Melbourne

Season’s greetings was the theme at day two of Sail Melbourne International 2018, with sailors battling the elements of sun, rain, not enough and then too much wind on Port Phillip today.

The day started out with a light breeze, which quickly died down, before it picked-up again later in the day before the day finished with an approaching rain front.

Today’s focus was the fleets that did not get any racing in on the first day, with the 49er, 49erFX and 29er making the most of the opportunity of three races on Friday.

Australian Sailing Team’s David Gilmour (WA) and Lachlan Gilmour (WA) had a mixed day winning the second race of the day and finishing third and second in the other two races to finish in second overall.

“It was finally good to get out and do some sailing; we had some really nice southerly conditions for about an hour and a half or two hours and got through three races. We had mixed results, but it was good racing with the other guys,” David Gilmour said.

Leading the 49er fleet after three races are Jim Colley (NSW) and Shaun Connor (NSW), who won the first and last race of the day and finished fourth in the second.

“After missing yesterday’s racing it was great to get out there, we sailed out in champagne conditions, ten knots, sunny, it was beautiful, and then a couple of clouds came in from different directions, which made the course fairly interesting. Then halfway through the last race, unfortunately we were laying the top mark from the start, and then this big storm came in and we rounded the bottom mark and kept going and headed home,” was how Colley explained the events of the day.

“It is a great fleet, with a lot of good Aussie boats here on the start line. It’s also great to sit on the start line with the FXs, which makes it exciting – at least for us. I think the FXs might not enjoy it as much as we do, but it means that we have about 25 boats on the start line, which is what we get in Europe” Colley said about the mixed 49er and 49erFX fleet.

Australia Sailing Squad’s Tess Lloyd (VIC) and Jaime Ryan (QLD) are leading the women’s 49erFX and posted a first, seventh and third.

Australia Sailing Team’s Matt Wearn (WA) won the one and only Laser race of the day, with New Zealander Sam Meech leading the fleet after a first and second on day one and a third place today.

“We had a late start today starting at three in the afternoon as there was not much wind before that, so we got quite lucky that we could come down and just head out racing and get the best of the breeze. I seemed to enjoy the conditions a little bit more than I did yesterday and got the race win which is nice, but a big storm was coming over the back of the city so that cut things short and we ended up only getting one race in.” Wearn said.

In the Nacra 17, two races were completed in light conditions earlier in the day with Jake Liddell (NSW) and Emma Jones (NSW) winning the last race of the day. After five races Victorians Tayla Rietman and Lachlan White lead the fleet.

In the Invited classes the OK Dinghy and WAZSPs joined the racing action with racing cut short due an approaching storm front. The WAZSP class is making its debut at Sail Melbourne with the class continuously growing in popularity around the country.

“The Waszp is a fairly new class and the first time we are sailing it at Sail Melbourne, which is exciting. It’s a class that is growing very quickly, we have more than 100 boats across the country and 700 hundred worldwide, so this is a really good event in the lead up to our worlds in Perth in about four weeks’ time,” Jack Felsenthal (VIC) explained. Felsenthal is leading the fleet after a first and second place in the two races of the day.

2018 Sail Melbourne International also includes the inaugural Australian Para-sailing Championships and after racing was cancelled on day one, all classes managed to get two races in on Friday.

2018 World Para-sailing Champion in the Hansa 303 Chris Symonds (TAS) won both races of the day with the lighter winds suiting his abilities, ahead of South Australian Bob Schahinger in second. Victorian Alison Weatherly finished third and was the second ranked para-sailor, first Hansa 303 female. Colin and Bradley Alderton had two bullets in the Hansa 303 Double.

“This is the inaugural Para Championships which is really special. I've been sailing in paras for four years now, we've been competing overseas and did really well so it's lovely to come back home and be able to compete in para nationals in Australia,” Symonds said about the first-time event.

Racing continues tomorrow, Saturday, 15 December with a full schedule of three to four races across the classes.

Racing at Sail Melbourne International runs from Thursday, 13 December to Sunday, 16 December 2018 with 375 competitors from 18 countries contesting the event.


470 Men
Mat Belcher/Will Ryan – (1), 1, 1, 1 – 1st
Chris Charlwood/Josh Dawson – 3, 5, (6), 2 – 3rd

470 Women
Nia Jerwood/Monique de Vries – (2), 1, 2, 2 – 2nd
Dana Tavener/Katherine Shannon – 3, (5), 3, 4 – 3rd

David Gilmour/Lachlan Gilmour – 3, 1, 2 – 2nd
Tom Needham/Joel Turner – 4, 2, 5 – 3rd
Kurt Hansen/Simon Hoffman – 5, 3, 3 – 4th

Tess Lloyd/Jaime Ryan – 1, 7, 3 – 3rd
Amelia Stabback/Caitlin Elks – 6, 4, 1 – 4th
Natasha Bryant/Annie Wilmot – 3, 5, 4 – 5th

Jake Lilley – 3, 5, 9 – 3rd
Oliver Tweddell – 26, 7, 8 – 14th
Lewis Brake – 15, 19, 16 – 18th
Jock Calvert – 11, 18, 2 – 9th

Matt Wearn – 3, 3, 1 – 2nd
Luke Elliott – 5, 5, 2 – 4th
Mitchell Kennedy – 9, 7, 6 – 6th
Finn Alexander – 13, 11, 5 – 9th

Laser Radial
Mara Stransky – 5, 1 – 1st

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