Fireball National Championships – Day 2 – Tom Gillard And Andy Thompson Dominate

The second day of the Fireball National Championships brought forth thrilling races amidst glorious sunshine, testing the mettle of the competitors as they navigated the waters with skill and precision. With no sign of the Oscar flag, the jury remained vigilant, ensuring fair competition throughout the day.

In Race four, the current world champions, Tom Gillard and Andy Thompson of Great Britain, showcased their prowess once again, leading from start to finish. Despite facing relentless pressure from their competitors, Gillard and Thompson maintained their position, securing another remarkable victory. Heather Macfarlane and Chris Payne from Australia delivered an impressive performance, climbing through the ranks to claim a close second, followed closely by Tom Gordon and Jack Fletcher, also representing Australia.

Race five witnessed an intense battle between Dave Hall and Paul Constable of Great Britain and the Australian duo Ben Knoop and James Belton. Although Knoop and Belton led for the majority of the race, Hall and Constable displayed exceptional determination, ultimately overtaking their rivals to clinch the win. DJ Edwards and Vyv Townend, also from Great Britain, demonstrated their skill, securing a commendable third-place finish.

  1. SUNSET – Dave Hall / Paul Constable (GBR)MONDO –
  2. DJ Edwards / Vyv Townend (GBR)RIP TIDE –
  3. Ben Schulz / Angus Higgins (AUS)CLETUS –
  4. Tom Gordon / Jack Fletcher (AUS)I MOUNT BOOKS –
  5. Heather Macfarlane / Chris Payne (AUS)

As the competition intensifies, sailors from around the world continue to demonstrate their expertise and determination, promising an exhilarating conclusion to the Fireball National Championships.

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