Final push to Newport sees 11th Hour Racing Team and Malizia fighting for first

The leaders are within sight of each of other, racing in very light winds on the final morning of Leg 4

Wednesday has dawned with a beautiful morning in Newport, Rhode Island. It’s a cool, crisp, spring day, with bright sunshine and clear blue skies.


Unfortunately for the trio racing towards the finish line off Fort Adams State Park, the high pressure system clearing the sky today also brings light winds.

11th Hour Racing Team and Team Malizia have therefore been engaged in a low speed, tactical race over the final 80 miles of leg 4, weaving through exclusion zones, and searching for the first sign of a new breeze.

It’s an agonising way to finish the leg, but on Malizia at least, spirits remain high.

“We have one final fight with 11th Hour Racing Team, one final push, and I think we can be very happy with how we’ve sailed so far,” said Malizia skipper Will Harris. “We just have to enjoy these last few hours at sea and we can look forward to a nice welcome in Newport. No matter how it goes, we can be happy with how we sailed and knowing we’ve given it everything we’ve got so far.”

As they get closer to shore and the sea breeze builds, speeds will pick up and both leading boats are expected to finish later in the afternoon (local time EDT) in Newport.

The third boat racing – Biotherm – is about 120 miles behind and projected to finish about 6 hours behind the leaders.

“It’s not over yet, we’re still pushing into the finish,” said Alan Roberts on Biotherm. “Some snakes and ladders ahead…”

The sailors on board GUYOT environnement – Team Europe have secured the boat and mounted a jury rig and are now able to make way across the wind. More information is expected from the team shortly.

The latest positions are on the Race Tracker.

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