Fifth consecutive Danish women's match race win in Lysekil

World #1 Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby today secured her fifth consecutive victory in Lysekil Women’s Match, the 2nd stage of the 2015 Women’s International Match Racing Series (WIM Series). In the final the Dane defeated Stephanie Roble of the USA with a 3 – 1 record, after first having beaten Swede Anna östling with the same score in their semi final.

“I can hardly find words, neither in English nor in Danish. It doesn’t get better than this,” a happy Ulrikkeholm Klinkby shines. 

“We did what we could, but we’re obviously very bummed right now,” Roble sighs.

Lysekil Women’s Match didn’t get its exciting resolution until late Saturday afternoon. The inhabitants of the small town of Lysekil thronged on the cliffs of Släggö Island, together with visitors and cheerleaders. In thousands they cheered on their respective favourites, racing in a strong westerly sea breeze on the sunlit glittering waters just below their feet. In the final World #4 Stephanie Roble raced against Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby, defending her title from the previous four years. When the American won the first match, her side of the cheering crowds hoped for a break in the Danish dominance.

“I made a stupid mistake in the prestart, and we paid for that with a loss. We simply gave away the first match,” Ulrikkeholm Klinkby comments.

Then the Dane was quick to restore her order, breaking back in three straight matches for her fifth consecutive triumph in the regatta. “Unbelievably satisfactory, I can barely believe it’s true. We’ve had a challenging week, but finally we got it all together,” the Dane smiled. “We showed dominance all week, and expected to continue our winning trend. My crew did a really good job, but I’m a bit disappointed with my prestarts. They simply didn’t go our way,” Roble analyses, well aware that she had only lost one single match before the final.

World #2 Anna östling of the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club ended top placed Swede, after winning the matches for third prize against fellow club member Caroline Sylvan 2 – 0. “Obviously we would rather have sailed the final. No one can beat us when we’re racing on our top level, but this week our lowest level was unfortunately not high enough,” östling says, thanking the spectators for all their cheering.

Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby gets 11 500 USD, a third of the total prize purse, for her fifth victory in Lysekil Women’s Match. She also advances to the very top of the WIM Series leader board, ahead of Stephanie Roble and Anna östling. The next event on the WIM Series is Buddy Melges Challenge in Sheboygan, USA, in mid September.

Results in Lysekil Women’s Match 2015, the 2nd stage out of four in the Women’s International Match Racing Series (skipper, nationality, WIM Series points, prize money):

1. Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby, DEN, 11 500 USD
2. Stephanie Roble, USA, 5 400 USD
3. Anna östling, SWE, 20, 4 500 USD
4. Caroline Sylvan, SWE, 16, 3 500 USD
5. Anne-Claire Le Berre, FRA, 15, 3 000 USD
6. Klaartje Zuiderbaan, NED, 14, 2 700 USD
7. Alexa Bezel, SUI, 13, 2 200 USD
8. Pauline Courtois, FRA, 12, 1 500 USD
9. Annabel Vose, GBR, 10, –
10. Johanna Bergqvist, SWE, 8, –
11. Juliana Senfft, BRA, 6, –
12. Sanna Häger, SWE, 4, –

Final results:
Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby, DEN – Stephanie Roble, USA 3 – 1

Petit final results:
Anna östling, SWE – Caroline Sylvan, SWE 2 – 0

Semi final results:
Stephanie Roble, USA – Caroline Sylvan, SWE 3 – 1
Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby, DEN – Anna östling, SWE 3 – 1

Standings in the 2015 WIM Series after two out of four events:
1. Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby, DEN, 47
2. Stephanie Roble, USA, 42
3. Anna östling, SWE, 35
4. Anne-Claire Le Berre, FRA, 31
5. Caroline Sylvan, SWE, 29
6. Klaartje Zuiderbaan, NED, 26
7. Lotte Meldgaard, DEN, 25
8. Pauline Courtois, FRA, 20
9. Katie Spithill, AUS, 14
10. Alexa Bezel, SUI, 13
11. Annabel Vose, GBR, 10
11. Milly Bennett, AUS, 10
13. Johanna Bergqvist, SWE, 8
14. Juliana Senfft, BRA, 6
14. Louise Christensen, DEN, 6
16. Diana Kissane, IRL, 4
16. Sanna Häger, SWE, 4
18. Rikst Dijkstra, NED, –
18. Johanna Larsson, SWE, –
18. Nina Ramm-Schmidt, FIN, –