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Jensen marine radio

Jensen Marine's MSR7007 is new to Australia. Unlike many marine electronics products, which are existing units modified to be water-resistant, this Jensen AM/FM/CD stereo unit has been outdoor-proofed during every step of the design process.

The unit is MP3/WMA and iPod-compatible. Once an iPod is connected via the rear built-in pigtail, full control of its functions is transferred to the MSR7007 buttons, and the iPod can be safely stored out of harm’s way. The iPod’s visual information appears on the MSR7007’s own large multi-line LCD display, enabling visibility from a wide range of vantage points. The MSR7007 is suitable for Radio Broadcast Data System usage, can receive the NOAA Weatherband, and is even ready for SIRIUS satellite radio (although SIRIUS is currently not available to Australian audiences). The unit provides warm, clear sound with 200W of output power and is wired remote-ready for MWR75 and MWR100 controls.

Further information: Bigfish Marine and Outdoor 02 6676 1012 or visit: www.bigfishmarineandoutdoor.com.au

Burke Pro sandal

Burke Marine is releasing a new range of footwear to complement their already well-established products. The first of these is the Pro Deck Sandal to be released prior to Christmas. It’s good summer wear, designed with protection and comfort in mind, with the unique feature being the reinforced protected toe. Using a breathable mesh, you no longer need to worry about stubbed toes or getting your toes caught up in ropes or boat parts. The upper is made from quick- dry material and open mesh allowing excellent ventilation and a lightweight feel at all times. With a neoprene liner on the inside, comfort is high even when submerged. The three easy-use Velcro adjusters allow for a snug fit while only requiring the middle strap to be opened to get on and off. Making use of the classic cup sole with razor cut grip and drainage gutters grip is excellent on all surfaces. Sporting the season colours of grey and carbon, this piece of footwear will look at home both on and off the water, so whether you are a seasoned racer or recreational fisherman this sandal has something for everybody.

RRP $80.00
For further information and stockists contact Burke Marine on 02 9968 4333 or visit www.burkemarine.com.au

New Line 7 oilskins

Line 7 has relaunched into Australia with a new range of wet-weather gear. After 12 months’ testing, including having the gear worn by America’s Cup Emirates Team New Zealand in 2007, Australian sailors can now benefit from this quality range. The Australian manager for the New Zealand company, Pat Langley, said: “Weight and bulk was a big factor that we have worked on with this range so as a result Line 7 Marine products are as lightweight as we can get in construction while still providing the ultimate in performance.”

Available at all good marine stores in Australia & New Zealand. For more information: www.line7.com. Or call 02 9697 9100

B&G RaceVision3000 tablet

RaceVision3000 is a compact, rugged, touch-screen PC for on-deck navigation on racing yachts. It is designed to meet the tough requirements of the racing navigation environment and is available in two variants, one with a Bluetooth Wireless Port; the other is configured for use with a boat's Wireless LAN (WLAN).
Within today’s racing scene, it is rare to see a competitive racing yacht without an on-deck PC for navigation use. This tablet-style PC comes complete with the latest version of B&G’s Deckman tactical software, making it a potent tool for pre-race strategy and tactical decision-making.
An on-deck IP67 Wireless Antenna can be placed anywhere onboard, which enables wireless communication with a boat’s instrument system. This provides the navigator with access to performance navigation data from all areas of the boat, allowing crew positioning for optimum performance.
Other wireless functionality includes the ability to collect Deckman weather data from WiFi hotspots in marinas (where available) before sailing. Additionally, WTP2 communicates with the instrument system via LAN, allowing higher communication speeds and multiple units to be used. RaceVision3000 uses Windows XP operating system so users can add third-party software to add even further functionality and flexibility.

For more information: contact Chris Radford on 02 9936 1019 or www.navico.com

Simrad IS20

Navico has unveiled its brand new Simrad instrument range for both sail and power boats. The Simrad IS20 range consists of four analog and two digital instrument heads, all based on the SimNet NMEA 2000 data bus for simple installation and integration. Providing real-time graphical representation of instrument data, the IS20 GRAPHIC enables skippers, navigators and cruisers alike to quickly and easily information from Simrad sensors. For quick visualisation, analog read-outs are included so that compass, rudder angle, wind direction and tack are still presented in a dial format.

For more information: contact Chris Radford on 02 9936 1019 or www.navico.com

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