Eyachts – Evolution of the 28 to the NEW Axopar 29


The iconic Axopar 28, launched in 2014, pioneered Nordic walkaround outboard-powered boats and set the stage for Axopar’s future. It garnered multiple acclaimed awards and became a favourite among boaters worldwide.

“We imported the first Axopar 28 Cabin into Australia in 2015, at the time this concept came with hesitation from the public. Now Axopar are celebrating 10 years of business, as one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world and certainly the strongest in their market segment. Eyachts are also celebrating having sold over 250 Axopars in Australia, proving the adventure boat concept they created with that very first Axopar 28,” explains Eyachts Founder Peter Hrones. 

After undergoing years of refinement and development, Axopar proudly presents the brand-new Axopar 29. This new model replaces the much loved 28 but with an entirely fresh look and ground breaking new features.

Revealed at boot Düsseldorf 2024, the introduction of the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin and Sun-Top marks a new era of innovation for the company. This range embodies adventure and customer feedback, enhancing functionality, usability, comfort, and quality. The Axopar 29 range maintains an exceptional value, pushing the boundaries of the adventure boat genre amidst growing competition in the sub-30-foot category. With a bold design and innovative features, it represents a confident step forward in the Axopar legacy.

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