Eyachts and TMG Yachts Shine at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show with Record Interest

Eyachts and TMG Yachts celebrate extraordinary success at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, captivating attendees and solidifying their market presence with a stellar lineup of innovative and high-quality vessels. The overwhelming interest and genuine purchasing intent from visitors marked a standout event for both companies.

Eyachts: Dominating with the Axopar, Greenline and RAND

Eyachts showcased the renowned Axopar brand, which has firmly established its identity in Australia with the celebration of 100 Axopar 37s, down under. However, it was the debut of the Axopar 45 that truly stole the show. Attendees were impressed by its large, practical design and smart features, creating a substantial waiting list for the next builds from the Finnish company.

In addition to the Axopar series, there was considerable interest in the Greenline 39’s hybrid system and the new electric RAND, showcasing Eyachts’ commitment to sustainable and innovative boating solutions.

Peter Hrones, Eyachts Managing Director, stated:

“The response at Sanctuary Cove was phenomenal. The Axopar 45, in particular, resonated with attendees, highlighting our commitment to innovative and practical design. It’s clear that the Axopar brand has firmly established itself in Australia.”

Ross Turner, Eyachts General Manager, stated:

“It was exciting to see the number of attendees looking at our sustainable solutions. Greenline has been around for 16 years as the leader in hybrid propulsion now on it’s 6th generation of the system, this combined with the solar and the actual layout and feel of the Greenline 39 makes this vessel and the brand truly stand out to those hopping aboard. The RAND Supreme 27 on the other hand is a great example of a real, viable electric dayboat that people are seeing as being ideal for an eco-solution in the Gold Coast canals or Sydney Harbour waterways.”

TMG Yachts: A Showcase of Luxury with Lagoon and PRESTIGE

TMG Yachts proudly presented the Lagoon and PRESTIGE ranges, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. The PRESTIGE 420 Flybridge, equipped with shaft drives, joystick controls, and a full-beam master cabin, resonated deeply with the market segment, reaffirming its status as a global best-seller.

The star of the show was the arrival of the New PRESTIGE M48, aptly dubbed “The Award Winner.” Making a grand entrance on Saturday evening, this premiere for the southern hemisphere is set for massive uptake in the Australian market.

For Lagoon, the milestone Lagoon 46 Number 500 was a showstopper, demonstrating the brand’s continuous innovation. The event also marked the launch of the newly released Lagoon 43 and Lagoon 60, with several orders already placed for the 43, highlighting the high demand.

John Cowpe, TMG Yachts Managing Director, commented:

“The enthusiasm for our Lagoon and PRESTIGE ranges at Sanctuary Cove was tremendous. The premiere of the PRESTIGE M48 and the milestone Lagoon 46 Number 500 underscored our commitment to delivering exceptional boating experiences. We are excited about the future and the strong interest shown by potential buyers.”

The success at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show underscores the strong market presence of Eyachts and TMG Yachts and the growing demand for their innovative and high-quality vessels. As both companies continue to push the boundaries of design and performance, the future looks exceptionally bright.

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