Espresso 12 coffee machine available for yachts

The Espresso 12 was designed by people who enjoy coffee who wanted to ensure that the quality of the coffee was not compromised by the portability and practicality of the machine.

Weighing just 3.9 kilograms the compact design draws 350 watts and pumps out 1.5 kilopascals of pressure, similar to a commercial machine due to its internal compressor and heater and will continue to do so regardless of how many coffees are made.

The Espresso 12 is built to withstand the vibrations experienced in a harsh marine environment and operates on 12 volts, making the machine versatile and portable. The universal pods used are 100% biodegradable.

Built  by Techimpex, who have  manufactured marine cooking appliances in Italy for over 25 years, the  quality, design and durability of the machine are a popular choice with European yacht production companies.

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