Environmental management proves a key business focus for Abell Point Marina

Abell Point Marina has been named the first marina in Australia to achieve a score of 100% on the International Clean Marina audit.

In an assessment on 30 October, Abell Point Marina was re-accredited as a Level 3 Clean Marina and also scored 100% on the Fish Friendly Marina assessment.

The re-accreditation process included a thorough review of the marina’s policies and procedures, taking into account 10 different categories.

In the re-accreditation audit confirmation from the Marina Industries Association (MIA), the assessor commented that Abell Point Marina “is an exemplary model of best environmental management practices for marinas.”

This is a proud moment for the Abell Point Marina team, who are dedicated to protecting the marina’s natural surrounds, notably the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Kate Purdie, General Manager, explains, “Commitment to good environmental management practices is a key priority for our business. As a destination marina we are also committed to educating the vessel owners and tourists who frequent our precinct, to ensure that environmental awareness is top of mind as they enjoy their time in the Whitsundays”.

Earlier this year, Abell Point Marina’s village became the first in Australia to have all food outlets and venues sign up to the global campaign, ‘The Last Straw’.

The Last Straw campaign aims to eradicate single use plastic straws across the world and encourages food outlets, venues, restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses to commit to becoming plastic straw free.

Going a step further, the marina has engaged the Whitsunday business community through a social media campaign, to encourage the entire Whitsunday region to sign up to the campaign.

With over 500,000 plastic straws being discarded worldwide on a daily basis, Abell Point Marina has removed 70,000 straws per annum from circulation with their campaign commitment. In addition to the food outlets at the marina, many of the commercial tour operators that call the marina home have also committed to this worthwhile cause.

Located in Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsunday islands and Great Barrier Reef, conservation of the marina environment and education of visitors is a focus of Abell Point Marina’s marine operations.

The International Clean Marina program sets an environmental benchmark standard for marinas across the globe and the key focus of the program is to assist the marina industry operators in their endeavours to protect inland and coastal waterways by leading them through a voluntary accreditation process.

For information about the International Clean Marina Accreditation Program, go to: www.marinas.net.au/industryprograms/international-clean-marina-program 

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