Emergency rigging cutter

Any yacht venturing offshore needs one of these! Designed for use by rescue teams, and in particular for cutting people out of wrecked cars and collapsed buildings, it must be the quickest and simplest way of cutting rod or wire rigging if the mast comes down.

Powered by a gunpowder cartridge, the Power Cutter will cut through steel wire up to 60mm in diameter in a milli-second. Weighing just 6.2kg, it is 650mm long, 156mm wide and is approved for carriage on boats and aircraft.

The product is manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics AB and you would expect Bofors to know a thing or two about gunpowder.

At $5500 each they are not cheap, however the Australian agent is offering a 25% discount on the first five units sold to mysailing.com readers. Cartridges come in a box of 25 (cost $32.50) and they are expected to last in storage for up to 25 years.

For further information, tel (02) 4978 1158, email escapesystems@bigpond.com or go to www.ingstromescapechute.com.au.

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