Emergency call from yacht deemed a hoax by Irish Coastguard

Newstalk. By Ruari Casey.

The widescale hunt that took place off the coast of Cork after a distress call from a yacht has been deemed a hoax.

The three-man crew of the 'Bluebird' said they had engine problems and were sinking – however emergency services had been unable to find it.

The call, picked up by the Valencia coastguard, came on the distress channel at 9.30 this morning and claimed the yacht was one mile south of Roche's Point at the entrance to Cork Harbour.

Two helicopters, three coastguard units, three lifeboats and the navy had all taken part in the search which stretched right across the base of Ireland from Waterford to Galley Head.

Gerard O'Flynn Coastguard Operations Manager says that what happened today is “regrettable and a an unfortunate use of time”.


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