Do you have surplus cruising gear you want to sell?

Most cruisers accumulate mountains of stuff that they have no room to store. And every so often it comes time to clean them out and hopefully make a little bit of “play money” as well.

The Cockpit Locker Forum on the World Cruising Club website is a great way to buy or sell unwanted cruising equipment. Whether it is a set of round the world charts, a watermaker, or an SSB radio, there are keen cruisers wanting your gear. Best of all it is a completely free service!

The forum is just like a yacht club notice-board, except that it can be read by cruisers anywhere. Just post an advert detailing your items and include your contacts. Prospective buyers can then contact you via your email address, or through a forum 'private message' that protects your anonymity.

If you have not used the forum before, you will need to register and create your own username and password. Follow the link for “Register” on the forum homepage, then send an email to requesting activation of your username. Once active, you can post messages or reply to adverts as often as you like.

Visit the forum at or follow the link from their hompage at

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