'Disingenuous, frivolous' Luna Rossa loses another legal battle

Luna Rossa’s relentless pursuit of legal options is growing tiresome for their opponents, who have labelled the Italians “disingenuous” and “frivolous” according to Duncan Johnston, writing for the Stuff website in New Zealand.

Luna Rossa has had yet another attempt to get their cunning ploy to sail without using backstays knocked back by the arbitration panel – and it has cost them $14,800 in legal fees, Johnston writes.

The matter was dealt with some urgency as Luna Rossa wanted a ruling ahead of Friday’s Prada Cup semifinal with American Magic.

Luna Rossa’s latest appeal went to the arbitration panel where they argued the rules committee had exceeded its jurisdiction or had made an error. They sought rulings in seven different areas and lost all of them.

Read the full story at stuff.co.nz.

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