December issue of Australian Sailing out now.

The December issue is packed with information for skippers taking their boats offshore this summer. Our major feature covers calibrating your instruments, doing safety checks, pre-race boat checklists and even what to pack in your kit-bag. And if you need some new wet weather gear before you go, there's a comparison of all the top brands.

Tony Bull also provides some valuable tips on “trimming for the long haul” including sail trim at night, Andrew Verdon covers the physical aspect of long races and, further inshore, David Dellenbaugh offers advice for smoother mark roundings.

We have previewed the first batch of class Nationals – those taking place in late December – with the balance to be covered in January's issue.

There are also a couple of profiles of people – everyone's favourite race director, Denis Thompson and those mad Clintons from Holy Cow.

Australian Sailing is “required reading” for most of our top performance racers – don't miss out!

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