Dana Johannsen: Team NZ challenge hangs by a thread

NZ Herald. By Dana Johanssen, Chief Sports Reporter.

Although we've been well-prepared for the news, the likely confirmation this week that Bermuda will host the next America's Cup is still going to make jaws drop. And not in a good way.

Since news leaked that America's Cup organisers had awarded the hosting rights for the 2017 event to Bermuda, there has been widespread confusion among Cup observers. There is a lot about the selection of Bermuda over San Diego, the venue of the 1988, 1992 and 1995 America's Cup, that just doesn't make sense. Not least of which is why Cup officials would plump for a destination that for as long as it has been on the map has been infamous as a land of shipwrecks.

Joyce: America's Cup in Bermuda a tough sell

But there are a lot more tangible reasons the news will be greeted with a sense of foreboding at Team NZ HQ.

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