CYCA SOLAS Trusts fund Townsville Coast Guard rescue vessel upgrade


The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Sydney Hobart Safety of Life at Sea Trusts, in undertaking further efforts to support  volunteer groups around Australia, have funded the upgrade to a motor vessel, used for rescue duties at the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Townsville.

Samantha Peck from the Volunteer Coast Guard said that the funding is vital for their flotilla to ensure the best possible marine safety.

“Our vessels do a lot of kilometres during search and rescue operations as well as training and education courses,” Peck said. “They definitely get a lot of use and the new motors provide more power plus security that we have the best possible system supporting our vessel.

“We get a fair bit of action around Townsville from boats breaking free and people being stranded to the more serious incidents that occur. In the last year the Flotilla conducted more than 145 search and rescue operations, and that was just in our local area.

“The Townsville Volunteer Coast Guard relies on funding such as this to be able to deliver such a vital public safety service and we are grateful to receive this donation.”

The Townsville flotilla of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard  was founded in 1970 and has over the years assisted many people, including assisting the search and rescue work of the Ingham flotilla which is located to the north of Townsville.

CYCA Sydney Hobart SOLAS Trusts Chairman, Matt Allen said that donations such as this highlight the significant benefit of the Trusts.

“The objectives of the Trusts are quiet clear and the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard in Townsville was the perfect fit for this funding,” Allen said.

“They provide a valuable marine safety service to the community and do so with significant volunteer support, commitment and knowledge. These volunteers are the lifeblood of marine community in their area and supporting them is critical.

“We will do everything in our power to keep helping these important groups. They can be life savers when the circumstances and conditions call for the highest levels of dedication and sacrifice.”

“The CYCA is proud to have established the Trusts and it is donations such as this that make it all worthwhile. As a sailor you never know what will happen offshore and it is comforting to know that our volunteer marine services have access to funding that supports them in their positions.

The CYCA Sydney Hobart SOLAS Trusts were established after the tragic loss of six lives in the 1998 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and have since donated $1,033,637 to search and rescue organisations across Australia.

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