Cruising the Queensland Coast Book

Cruising the Queensland Coast is a cruising guide for yachts cruising the Queensland coast, written by Greg Luck, the owner of Curlew Escape.

Each of the 13 coasts, from the Gold Coast to the Cooktown Coast, is covered in detail, including marinas, anchorages, passages, wind and wave averages, public pontoons and quick reference information and links for vital weather, search and rescue, notices to mariners and other vital information.

It features hundreds of chartlets and high-resolution aerial photos of anchorages to take the guesswork out of anchoring. Each anchorage has information on depth, bottom, mobile reception, marine park zone and recommended wind directions and strengths. The book is also integrated with the Navionics and C-Map apps and allows easy export of GPX files for import to your chart plotter. Anchorages and passages can be imported into Navionics and C-Map simply by clicking on the Navionics link ⎈ and GPX link ⎈ icons throughout the book.

The book also provides an extensive reference of useful information for the Queensland Coast such as skills and experience, recommended apps, charts and books, equipping the yacht for cruising, cruising logistics, climate and weather systems, marine hazards and the three major marine parks and their rules.

This book will help the first-time cruiser of the Queensland coast get started. For those familiar with the coast, the wealth of information, data and links all pulled together into one place and organised in a systematic way will prove invaluable.

For both, the more than one thousand external reference links make it easier to cruise the coast safely and simplify many of the everyday tasks of living on a cruising yacht such as finding and entering a marina and restocking once there.

cruising the queensland coast

“This is a comprehensive guide and much more than a pilot book…I think it succeeds well…Overall, an excellent information source and well worth the purchase price.” – Kevin Green, Afloat Magazine. Full Review

In publishing this guide Greg has created a valuable resource for both the experienced and those who are new to cruising the Queensland Coast. In my opinion, this is a must-have guide for those who plan on spending time Cruising The Queensland Coast and want to make the most of the experience!” – John Hembrow, Down Under Rally & Ahoy Magazine

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