Coral Sea Marina Resort commits support for essential marine rescue service

Coral Sea Marina Resort announced this week a renewed platinum sponsorship for Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsundays, committing to another three-year sponsorship. Coral Sea Marina Resort is now entering its second term as Platinum sponsor, after securing the naming rights on new vessel Coral Sea Marina VMR1 during the last term and with its sponsorship assisting VMR Whitsundays navigate their busiest period in recent years.

VMR Whitsundays have seen more activations in the last 12 months than in any other year since operations commence, indicating a larger reliance on the services of the organization by the boating community. Providing assistance 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, VMR Whitsundays is operated by a group of approximately 50 dedicated and experienced volunteers.

Paul Darrouzet, owner Coral Sea Marina Resort, explains “The work done by the volunteers of VMR Whitsundays is nothing short of exceptional. In a region with incredible high boat ownership rates, the service provided by the volunteers of VMR is essential to ensuring our community can continue to enjoy time at sea safely.”

As the largest marina in the region and the only 5 Gold Anchor Platinum Accredited marina in Queensland, our ongoing support of VMR Whitsundays is an extension of the service we provide our guests. We want boat owners to know when they visit the Whitsundays, they have a premium marina facility to use and they can safely enjoy their time in our waters with support from VMR Whitsundays should they require.”

VMR Whitsundays provide marine search and rescue services to the boating public and island communities on a volunteer basis. Their operation is run entirely by volunteers including boat crew, radio operators, management, fundraisers and trainers. VMR Whitsundays is funded via government grants, sponsorship, fundraising and membership fees.

Mal Priday, president of VMR Whitsundays explains “We are delighted to confirm that our Platinum Sponsor, Coral Sea Marina Resort, has renewed their sponsorship for another three years.”.

”The support includes provision of berth spaces for both of our rescue vessels, and the continuation of naming rights for our primary vessel, Coral Sea Marina VMR1.”

“The sponsorship, generous support and assistance provided by Paul Darrouzet and the rest of his Coral Sea Marina team is outstanding, and the renewal of our agreement is very pleasing to us.”

Both VMR Whitsundays vessels are berthed at Coral Sea Marina in premium locations close to the fuel wharf, providing convenience for crews and the emergency services when speedy departure is required.

In an average year VMR Whitsundays activate approximately 10 times per month with a mixture of search and rescue, medical evacuations, tow assists and assisting the emergency services in emergency situations. Membership is recommended, however VMR Whitsundays assistance is available without membership, fees apply.

For information on membership of VMR Whitsundays, click here.

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