Celebration for Jim ‘ACE’ Mowtell

Friends and enemies alike are invited to help celebrate the life of Jim ‘ACE’ Mowtell – ACE Marine Photography at the 18 Footers League in Double Bay at 2pm on Tuesday 2 August

Pass the word along as the day should, rightly, be bigger than ACE. We would especially like to see those who have attended the CYCA badge draw on Thursday evenings, been volunteers for the CYCA Breakfast Club, the 18 Footers meat raffle, sailing crew, Female winners and male runners-up 1969-79 Fur Cup, plus ACE Angels and anyone who has had a photo taken by ACE – blurry or otherwise.

Ace in recent years

You all have special significance for ACE.

On signing in at the 18 Footers, please choose a complimentary spanner or screwdriver and photo from the ‘ACE Collection’ at the door, as this will be your ticket to the bar. And bring your best ACE stories with you – as there will be an open microphone – No formalities. In true ACE tradition, beer, party pies, sausage rolls and tomato sauce will be served all afternoon.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event

Hopefully, there will be no enquiries but, if necessary, send to: Captain StarWars: 69@captainstarwars.com

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