Building your own cruising yacht

Realising the dream of building your own cruising yacht is closer than you think. high quality self-build cruising yacht kits are now available in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Many people buoy their sometimes stressful or even uneventful lives with dreams of building a yacht to sail around the world. Take some time to consider the opportunity that building a cruising yacht may provide for you. If you are currently seeking work, then consider your opportunity to make a career of building these cruising yachts for yourself then later selling them for a price that will cover the time it takes to build. And make it a monohull yacht rather than a multihull as the costs of building the multihulls are at least twice as much again as the monohull. If you want to play it safe and enter the field more slowly, then build up your skills and your cash by starting with the sailing dinghy kits which we also have available.

We would like to share with you what we consider to be the best self build cruising yachts by one of the best yacht designers in Europe, Kees Van de Stadt of Satellite Yacht Design in Holland. He is related to the same Van de Stadt family of yacht designers but practices independently. These yacht design plans and kits are ones that you can more readily afford and easily build compared to the alternatives available on both the Australian and international market.

This new range of cruising yachts, called Blue Wave Yachts, are designed to have great strength and tenacity in all manner of weather conditions, and in all normal cruising localities. They have a high level of safety, great load carrying capacity and are able to cruise at respectable speeds for long journeys manned by one or two people. Like all good cruising yachts they are able to be repaired on the spot if problems or damage occur to the yacht's fabric or mechanics.

South Pacific Boat Company is marketing and selling Blue Wave Yachts as well as other yachts and boats designed by the same European designer, for both the amateur and professional yacht builder in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We can also arrange for the complete building and fitting out of these yachts in this series.

Design Philosophy:
“In addition to ensuring beautiful lines of hull and superstructure, all our designs meet the following requirements: Safety . Performance . Comfort .” Kees Van de Stadt.

Many small boat kits and larger yacht designs available.
Free catalogue and/or study plans available upon request through our email address :

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