Breaking: AMSA report successful refloating of grounded ketch

AMSA Search and Rescue reports coordinating the response to a ketch taking on water near Melville Island in the Northern Territory.

An Australian Border Force aircraft received a VHF mayday call from the vessel about 6am AEDT this morning and alerted AMSA. The ketch had run aground in Boradi Bay, on the east coast of Melville Island, located about 75 nautical miles north east of Darwin. A nearby catamaran and cargo vessel were tasked to respond.

With the help of the two responding vessels, temporary repairs were made to the ketch and it was successfully refloated on high tide. The vessel is now being escorted back to Darwin by the catamaran.

AMSA encourages vessels to carry a registered 406MHz distress beacon and a DSC high frequency radio. This incident also highlights the importance of maintaining a good lookout and regularly verifying your vessel’s position.

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