Breaching Humpback whale lands on fishing boat

For the last week, experts say three humpback whales have been frolicking very close to shore in Plymouth, USA, probably because that’s where the baitfish are schooling. But a near tragedy has the harbour master warning boaters.

Justin Enggasser was on a boat less than 100 feet away with his son when a breaching whale landed on the bow of another fishing boat.

“Total shock,” Enggasser said. “Can’t believe it’s that close to a boat, that close to us, and especially when it landed on the boat it was just shocking.”

The group of boaters had seen the humpbacks breach nearby minutes earlier, feasting on a school of pogies, the same baitfish that draw stripers and anglers trying to catch them. But fishing quickly became secondary when the whale landed on a boat and then slipped back into the water.

“If somebody was up on the bow of that boat, this could be a really tragic story,” said Plymouth Harbormaster Chad Hunter.

The 19-foot boat sustained only minor damage, and nobody onboard was hurt.

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