Belmont 16s Sailing Club Celebrates 101 Years with a SpectacularTransformation

Unveiling a New Era of Entertainment, Dining, and Sailing on Lake Macquarie

In a celebration of its 101st anniversary, the Belmont 16s Sailing Club is thrilled to announce the completion of its comprehensive redevelopment aptly named the “Centenary Project”, marking a new chapter in the Club’s storied history. This 18-month transformative journey Belmont 16s Sailing Club is again cemented as a premier destination for entertainment, dining, and sailing in Lake Macquarie.

Club transformation: Undergoing a major $20 million renovation, adopting a contemporary coastal
design with major upgrades to its entertainment, sailing, dining and bar facilities. This transformation
aligns with the club’s sailing heritage of 101 years.
Local Economic Support: The renovation process prioritised the use of local suppliers, highlighting the
club’s role in bolstering the local business economy.
Sustainability Efforts: During renovations, a conscious effort was made to minimise waste by
repurposing or donating materials. This included donating uniforms to ‘Warm Blankets to Everyone’,
plates to ‘Survivors R Us’, and surplus furniture to the Croatia Club in Wickham.
Sailing facilities: Have received a significant upgrade reinforcing the Clubs commitment to
sailing excellence. These enhancements not only improve the sailing experience but also
honour the club’s rich heritage in the sport.
New events spaces: The club also now boasts a new wedding & event space offering panoramic
240-degree views over Lake Macquarie.
Live Music: The revitalised club once again boasts an array of diverse weekly events including
free Live Music sessions that set the tone for vibrant evenings every Friday and Saturday
Branding and Staff Update: Over 200 staff members have embraced a new, more sophisticated coastal
style in their uniforms, reflecting the club’s sailing legacy. This includes the incorporation of a reimagined
sailing burgee, a symbol deeply rooted in sailing tradition.

Community and Environmental Initiatives –
Sporting Sponsorships:
The club sponsors various local sports teams and competitions
Support for Sailability: As a major supporter of Sailability, the club helps provide sailing opportunities for
individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.
Charitable donations: Donations to a number of local schools and charitable foundations such as, Mark
Hughes Foundation and Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Environmental Initiatives: The club has supported projects like the pilot project Pimp My Jetty for lake
water quality improvement, weed clearance in Green Point Reserve, and funding for Belmont High’s
Educational Harvest Garden.

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JPK August 2023
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