Behind the scenes at OneSails Australia

OneSails is an international sail-making company that offers custom sails to suit their customers sailing needs and boat. They have the ability to build sails for everything from Optimists to super yachts and the customer service to go with it.

Recently OneSails Australia has expanded across the country and have no plan on slowing down. The Australian branch of the company started in Perth and under the guidance of Paul Eldrid, there are now lofts in Brisbane, Geelong and Sydney.

We spoke to Paul Eldrid about the Australian branch and their 4T FORTE.

What is OneSails?

OneSails is the culmination of over 35 years of experience accumulated by our team in design and technology applied to sail-making. OneSails offers itself on the market as a worldwide network using affiliated international sail lofts offering not only traditional manufactured sails from commercially available sail cloth but also its exclusively developed and patented 4T™ composite sail technology.

Who are OneSails Australia?

OneSails has lofts throughout Australia. I lead the group and oversee the Perth loft and the newly opened Sydney loft in Brookvale. The Brisbane loft is owned by Russ and Lucas McDonald whilst Tony Bull owns the loft
in Geelong.

Why should boat owners choose OneSails?

OneSails is a worldwide network of affiliated and licenced sail lofts. An expert team and avant-garde technology are the unrivalled assets of the company added with a service network which is made up of the very highest level of professional sailors. Added with inimitable and patented 4T Forte technology and an original image the group is rapidly expanding throughout Northern Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, offering proprietary products and true global support to its customers.

Can you explain what sets 4T apart?

4T FORTE™ is a composite structure of high modulus fibres with up to 19 individual layers which eliminates both glue and the mylar film, often the weak element of a laminate sail. Using a multi micro layered structure, elements of the membrane are fused together in a cross linked, polymerised matrix resulting in a stable, stretch resistant, and durable sail. By doing away with both glue and mylar film these sails are significantly lighter and stronger than conventional laminate sails.

Using components derived from recent developments for the military and biomedical science, MMS™ technology provides a robust and reliable sail skin, manufactured with the minimum of environmental impact and allowing realistic recycling options. Since glues, resins, and solvents have been replaced by heat activated fusion and the base polymer is 100% recyclable in a standard waste separation process, 4T FORTE™ sails can claim to be truly “green sails.”

Do you only offer premium sails to large racing yachts?

Not at all. Our Optimist sails are the current world champions! We offer a wide range of sails to ensure we match the right sails to each boat and style of sailing. The same extensive design process is undertaken for every sail we produce, from dinghies and cruising yachts up to grand prix racing and super yachts.

How does having a FSI and CFD Lab help the brand?

Having our own centralised FSI (fluid structure interaction) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) Lab gives us the opportunity to explore further structural engineering where the sails are tested in various wind conditions using different materials and even battens to analyse the sail shape, load and efficiency to ensure the best possible design and material combination even before any cloth is cut or any fibre is laid!

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