Barz Optics – sunglasses that really do float

Most sunglasses that are claimed to float only float in the bathtub. Once they break surface tension (or if there is any movement on top of the water) down…they…go… But Barz Optics say their models really do float. Why is this so?

The Floater model and San Juan floating model (fitted with 1.1mm Acetate Lenses) have a density of 0.95 GM/ML. Fresh water has a density of 1.00 GM/ML and salt water ranges between 1.03 and 1.05 GM/ML, hence these sunglasses float in even the most turbulent water. The new CABO model has a density 0.83 GM/ML, while the new Kuta model's density is 0.71 GM/ML).

The Barz dual moulded Floater frame is available in five colours with many lens options to choose from… Acetate Polarised, Acetate Polarized Photochromic, Non Polarized, Polycarbonate Polarised, Polycarbonate Polarised Bi-Focal, Polycarbonate Polarised Photochromic, Polycarbonate (Melanin infused), Prescription….

The Barz San Juan has a high wrap frame which gives great protection from the side, eliminating glare, wind and spray whilst offering great peripheral vision. It's available in three frame colours pwith all those lens options to choose from as well. 

The Cabo is a modern wrap style that is frameless on the bottom and is available in three frame colours.

The Kuta has a full wrap frame with optimum buoyancy and is available in two frame colours.

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