Autopilot steers down runway

If you thought an autopilot was only good for steering a boat, think again. There are many and varied things you can do with their components when their marine career is over.

Presented with a brief to create an ‘industrial’ couture gown without using typical evening fabrics and themed to “Night of the Witches,” Louise Maniscalco, a recent graduate of East Sydney Fashion Design Studio, found inspiration in sensor covers and superseded analogue compass gaskets at marine manufacturer Coursemaster Autopilots.

Louise fastened round, black gaskets with silver tree spikes to conceptualise lace cobwebs falling to a train and covering a fitted PVC-coated crushed drill gown.

“Manipulating the industrial parts into an elegant couture gown shaped to the model’s slim curves was the biggest challenge, but I was particularly happy with the way the marine autopilot sensor covers draped and framed the back of the design,” said Louise at the annual parade.

“Now that I have graduated, I’m keen to learn more by assisting an Australian designer before possibly starting my own label, and so I wanted my couture gown to showcase an Australian manufacturer.”

 For further information on the couture gown and range, please contact Louise Maniscalco: 

Coursemaster Autopilots or ph (02) 9417 7097

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