Australians in prime position at Laser Masters Worlds in Hyeres

Laser Masters World Championship 2014 started five days ago in Hyères (France). 500 sailors litterally invaded the port of Hyères since the beginning of October. 12 World Champion titles will be presented this saturday.

First races were very difficults for the nerves: Only 5 knots, the minimum to launch a regatta. Race committees were able to hold a race on sunday for the Standard circle, and on monday for the Radial circle. Wind has gradually grown since, and there were 25 knots in the bay today (Thursday). This wind is very stable, always blowing from the East. Sailors were happy when they returned on the harbour, telling everybody “that was the ideal weather to sail”.

From tomorrow (Friday), the fleets will compete in two groups, according to their previous results: Gold and Silver. They have still two days of regatta remaining, and everything can change. The weather for tomorrow is great (from 15 to 20 knots), but will be more delicate Saturday with rain and light wind. The sailors really met all the weathers possible in Hyères this week!

Tonight, the leaders are certainly clear: Adonis Bougiouris for the apprentice standard, Brett Beyer (AUS) for the master standard, Nick Harrison for the great master standard, Stephen Walsh (AUS) for the great great master standard, Jon Emmet for the apprentice radial, Stephen Cockerill for the master radial, Michael Keeton for the great master radial, Keith Wilkins for the great great master radial.

Along with Brett Beyer and Stephen Walsh who lead their classes, other Australians in contention include Mark Bethwaite (second to Walsh in the Standard Great Grand Masters); Colin Dibb (5th) and Gavin Dagley (6th) in the Standard Grand Masters; Mark Kennedy second in the Radial Masters; Brett Wright (2nd) and defending champion Vanessa Dudley (4th) in the Radial Grand Masters; and Rob Lowndes (2nd), Peter Heyward (3rd), Kerry Wanaker (6th) and John Ryan (10th) in the Radial Great Grand Masters.


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