Aussies under threat at Mark Foy

With three Australians on the podium of the first race (respectively Grant Rollerson on Slam, John Winning Junior on Appliances Online and Jonathan Whitty on Panasonic), we could expect an Australian domination all through this week of international confrontation at the Mark Foy Trophy. But a Briton and an American imposed themselves in the provisional ranking.

Run in Carnac, France, between the 28th June and the 4th July, this competition gets together former and present 18 foot skiff champions. A compendium of sailing excellence that has been expressed from the first start of this second day of regatta.

The second race  saw a very tight start again with Grant Rollerson disqualified for being slightly above the line. The Britons on Asko, led by Dan Wilson, made the most of it and took the first mark in the lead, in front of Howie Hamlin and the men of Pindar. Andy Richards progressively lost ground at the expense of Greenhalgh who finally took the lead as the wind was rising. An impressive distance was widening between him and his followers: Howie Hamlin and Dan Wilsdon on Asko. Greenhalgh won the race easily proving his status of talented helmsman.

Although claiming he was there “to make up the numbers”, the English helmsman is already the man to beat in this competition. There's still a long way to go however, with the races so far being competed in a light wind, largely penalizing the heavy crews.

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