Aussie company BZ Optics Sports short listed for British Yachting Awards

Scotty Birdsall and Kevin Barr’s BZ Optics Sports frame fitted with HD Photochromic lenses with small bi-focal readers in their base has been nominated in the “Clothing Innovation of the Year” section.

Originally 6 years ago they developed the BZ range for cyclist so that they could read their Garmin, phone, menu or to fix a flat tyre.

They have now broadened the range to include 10 different lens types over 4 frame types and two prescription lens styles.

While being one of the world’s smallest sunglasss companies they are one for the most innovative and are now exporting the glasses to the UK, NZ, Germany, Finland and the USA.

This lens transitions from Cat1 (light copper) to Cat3 (dark brown). The Cat 1 can be worn at night or in very low light like rain or fog and really high lights the wearers vision . Because it isn’t polarised, viewing older digital screens isn’t an issue – so it’s ideal for all over the yacht or boat. Reader lenses in the base are available in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 powers. Like all of the BZ lenses we offer them with or without the readers.

Mid November they will also be releasing their new Sports frame, fitted with polarised photochromic readers in a mens and a narrower ladies style at METS Marine industry Trade Show – as part of the Gold Coast booth (in the Australian Paviion stand 03 230).

This is a world first release of a sports frame – fitted with polarised (great for cutting out reflected glare) photochromic (reacts to UV so in low or no light it is Cat1 (around 10% dark) and then transitions to dark grey (Cat3 around 75 % dark or normal sunglasses) as the sun and UV intensify during the day. While the small readers in the base of the lens allow the wearer if long sited to be able to reader their screens, phone, a map, menu, do fine work or tie tackle.

Voting is now open and will remain so until midnight on 12th November!

We encourage our readers and fans to vote for BZ Optics here – do it now, it only takes a few seconds.

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