Another good day at Laser Radials for Ashley Stoddart

It was a mixed day out on Castle Bay for the Australian women's team in the World Youth Laser Radial Championships with Ashley Stoddard finishing 4th and 1st in race 3 and 4, maintaining her 1st place over all. Unfortunately, her elevation to 1st on a protest came at the expense of fellow Australian, Alex South, who was first across the line in race 4.

Stoddard was quick to cover 2nd placed French competitor in the second race ensuring she maintained first place overall at the end of the day. “Conditions were a little trickier than yesterday, requiring more brain power and less hiking power and boat handling skills. My goal was to just try to be up there at the top mark, and keep attacking the whole race, as each boat will count in the end! It worked well and kept me very process orientated, I placed a 4th and 2nd-but due to a protest of another competitor I jumped to 1st at the end of the day,” Ashley said after the race.

Alex South, who was 4th at the start of the day, was penalised in the the first race for a rule 42 infringement which cost her valuable places. She put that behind her to dominate the second race with a 1st across the line, having tacked out to the right of the course in the first beat which paid dividends for her. Unfortunately, she discovered later that she had been disqualified, dropping her down the rankings to 6th. She still has time to claw her way back though.

In the male youths fleets Ki -raphael Sulkowski had another good day in the fresh 17 knot breezes with a 7th and 12th in yellow fleet, which leaves him in 10th position, while Christopher Jones in blue fleet had a better day with a 3rd and 11th keeping him in touch with the top ten.

Tomorrow's forecast is for light winds which may see some of the lighter competitors come back into contention.

– Neil Noye

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