Another F-22 launched and then does a little surfing

David & Marjon Mason have just launched their F-22 'Fleetwing' (hull number 77) in Queensland, Australia.

David and Marjon first built a Farrier Trailertri 720 in the early eighties, and were then the owners of the very first F-31 which was launched in 1991. David started building his F-22 in late 2007, and this was mostly built on the front porch of David and Marjon's canal home.

David and son Jack sailed 'Fleetwing' close to the harbor entrance for photos, where a small wave came along and they decided to go with it. Winds were only around 12 knots, but 'Fleetwing' ran on rails for a little until the wave finally overtook.

The F-22 is a new production boat currently being developed in New Zealand by Farrier Marine, and prior to production it has been possible for amateur or custom builders to build their own F-22s. One side benefit from this has been the feedback from boats already launched, which has been a significant help in making the final production version even better.

For more details contact:

Ian Farrier
Farrier Marine (NZ) Ltd
P.O. Box 80197
CHCH 8440
New Zealand
Ph. 64 3 338 6502, 64 21 110 8109 (Mob)


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