Anchoring is so old school. November's Cruising Helmsman shows you the new way

Safety is the key to the November issue of Cruising Helmsman. To that end we have practical articles covering a broad range for safe cruising.

Anchoring expert Jonathan Neeves presents his proven method of anchoring that throws out all those old ideas we have stuck with for centuries. His method relies a lot on proper snubbing techniques and removing the catenary. But it is an all-encompassing change so you need to read how he does it.

When we talk of safety around the sundowner saloon table the talk often comes to insurance. One broker who has cruised his whole life, gives the full drum on how to choose the best insurance policy for your boat; along with all the tips on what to look out for in a policy.

Having to fire up the life raft is an event none of us hope we have to do. Heather Francis takes hers to be checked and decides to take a deeper look at what is an essential safety item: what is in them and which ones are the best option for you.

On the destination side we are off to the Americas this month. Which do you prefer? North or south?

One cruiser takes in a unique view of Maine aboard a heritage wooden schooner, fulfilling a childhood dream when she first read about it.

Another couple are looking for an Atlantic hurricane season bolthole and decide, instead of the usual Caribbean carnival, they would push the boundaries and explore the northern coast of South America. You know the place, you read all about it in Papillon.

There is so much more of course, including a test of the large, but still handleable, Jeanneau 54.

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