Amendment 3 to the Special Regulations Issued

Special Regulation 3.07 is amended to bring the Special Regulations into line with the ISO 12217 and the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations.

Amendment 3 to the Special Regulations can be found at

Many production boats have hatches or ports which do not conform to Special Regulation 3.07.1. The amendment adopting the same approach as the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations for Hatches and Companionways.

The ISO standard relating to windows is ISO 12216. The standard does not appear to place any limit on the number of windows. The structural requirements for windows vary depending on where they are in the boat. The ISO standard for stability is ISO 12217. The standard specifically excludes openings from being considered as down flooding points if they are marked ‘KEEP SHUT WHEN UNDER WAY’.

The amendment is largely administrative and allows a boat with hatches that do not conform to the last SR 3.07.1 and/or SR 3.07.3 to race.

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